Helping Create Financial Freedom

For years, Libertas Financial Advisors, formerly Libertas Capital Management and Patton Financial Services, has helped clients create financial plans to achieve their financial goals. Our mission began with one goal: to create a solid financial plan based on good stewardship principles, and that hasn’t changed despite the current economic landscape. We’re proud to work with a wide array of clients, no matter how big or small their needs. Whether they’re looking for insurance options to protect their family or businesses, or investments and wealth management to accumulate for their future, we work to match our strategies with their own idealized lifestyle as the objective.

What Libertas Means to Us

Libertas is Latin for freedom, which is what we try to bring to you and your family. We believe that everyone should have complete financial autonomy and security, and our team enjoys every opportunity to educate you as we partner with you to achieve it. In today’s world, money is a crucial tool to help you accomplish your goals. We aim to eliminate questions and uncertainty and replace them with confidence that you’re able to secure your future freedom.

Our Services

Insurance for Families
Insurance for Businesses
Investment Management

Our Team

The Libertas Financial Advisors team brings a personalized experience to every single client interaction. With combined decades of experience in financial services, we understand that this is a relationship-based industry, and our client-first approach was designed to help educate you as well as empower you to achieve your goals. We look forward to the opportunity to show you how we can help you find financial security and growth opportunity.

Financial Custodian Partners

We look forward to serving your family for generations.