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Since 2005, Libertas Financial Advisors has worked to help families and business owners with a variety of insurance products that work to meet their short-term and long-term financial goals. Our agents specialize in building relationships with clients to help them establish a solid financial plan to fit their needs and budget, and we take pride in working closely with A-rated carriers to ensure the best fit based on your health and financial goals.
We are part of a network of agents in all 50 states and have a wide variety of carriers that can cover a number of health-related issues. Whether you’re an individual, family, professional or small business owner, we will not only help protect what you have worked so hard for, but also teach you about options to potentially grow your wealth without being affected by market declines. When you work with us, our focus is on you, and we utilize our experience and professionalism to customize a plan to help achieve each of your individual objectives.

Our Insurance Services

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Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a great way to add a non-traditional asset class to your portfolio, and whether you’re looking for a term, whole or indexed universal life policy, Libertas Financial Advisors can help. Using your goals, we work to find a policy that matches your objectives and your situation, then we seamlessly implement it into your custom plan with custom additions that work toward your goals.

Living Benefits

Some life insurance products come with living benefits that you can access before your death. Benefits such as critical illness and chronic illness riders allow you to access money in your policy and provide income for treatment and other expenses to relieve the financial pressure in the event of a devastating medical diagnosis, or you can use cash value for retirement income. We can help you find options for your needs.


Rather than direct investments in the market, annuities are contracts between you and an insurance company that offer guarantee principal protection, rates of growth and income based on the claims-paying ability of that company. We can help you find an annuity that matches your goals and protects what you’ve worked so hard to build while still offering the potential of market upside.

Risk Mitigation

Do you have a 401(k) from an old job? Are you afraid to leave too much money at risk in the market? Are you getting ready to retire and wanting to move your money to a safe place where it can continue to grow without market risk? We have a variety of indexed annuities that help you protect what you have already set aside and create guaranteed income for life and help fight the many risks that come with retirement and living on a fixed income.

Tax-Free Retirement Plans

If you were a farmer, would it make more sense to pay tax on the seed or the harvest? The answer is obvious: the seed. That is exactly what we can help you do regarding planning for your retirement. Taking after-tax dollars and putting them in a vehicle that safely grows your money tax-free can be a wise way to create cashflow for your future and leave a legacy when you’re gone. It can also give you a better idea of your income as you age.

Long-Term Care

Did you know that long-term care is not covered by your Medicare benefit? That’s because it’s considered a lifestyle expense, not a health expense. We can help you find coverage that can protect you from the extreme costs of long-term, or we can help you find a life insurance hybrid plan that offers assistance for extended stays in nursing home facilities if you need it or a nice death benefit for your family if you don’t.

Key Man Insurance

Insuring your key people helps protect you from the financial loss your business could suffer in the event of their death. Key man coverage buys you time to hire and train new people, pay major bills and complete projects that may have been left unfinished in the event of their untimely death. We don’t believe anything should stop your business from progressing, and we want to help.

Deferred Compensation

These plans offer a way for you to create retirement income for your management team and other highly compensated individuals in your organization. They offer tax-deferred growth and can also be structured to include a tax-free death benefit, giving key employees further reason to continue working for your company. The business will also receive a tax deduction on benefits as they are paid out.

Buy/Sell Agreements

We understand that circumstances change, but you can set your business up for the future now. In the matter of partnerships and shared ownership, it is vital to the health and continuation of your business to have a succession plan in place. These products help you and your partners plan how to move in and out of relationship in regards to the finances of the business.

Executive Bonuses

Also known as a Section 162 Plan, these products allow your business to offer personally owned life insurance to a select group of employees. As the employer, you decide who participates and how to structure each plan amount. The dollars spent on these plans provide a tax deduction to your business while helping you hire and retain experienced and qualified candidates looking for added benefits.

Business Planning

No matter how much experience you have as a business owner, a plan can be vital. It can establish your path moving forward while also determining a course of action in more difficult times. Our strategies and solutions solutions work to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build, all while giving you the space to grow. From protection to growth to succession, your business deserves a plan born from your vision.

Premium Financing

Life insurance can be used to achieve a variety of financial goals. These products are designed to significantly increase the long-term cash accumulation of a life insurance policy. Because the growth occurs within a life insurance product, the growth is tax-free. Using life insurance for estate planning, retirement income and cash flow diversification can provide you with protection and greater financial freedom.

We look forward to serving your family for generations.