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Create Your Legacy.

Our full-service financial planning firm can assist you with investment and wealth management. With decades of experience in the financial services industry, we work with clients to design a personalized plan to help them reach their financial goals and leave a legacy for the ones they love. Our partnerships also allow us to offer a large variety of financial products and services to clients from all walks of life. We specialize in retirement planning as well as investment strategies for individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs, and we believe our extensive experience and professionalism speaks for itself in every meeting as we customize a plan to your individual needs and concerns.
At Libertas Financial Advisors, our investment advisors are constantly researching market trends and monitoring performance of the best financial products available with historically proven results. In addition to planning, the advisors at Libertas have a heart to educate our clients on all the options available and equip them with basic financial principles to preserve and grow their money. Our risk-managed strategies give clients a diverse portfolio of income and retirement planning opportunities that we believe can set them up for success for many years to come.

Our Investment Services

Retire*Right TM

RetireRight Strategies TM are managed volatility portfolios available for retirement plans and individuals. The goal is to manage the impact of market volatility within your investment portfolio and help you achieve a smoother ride. Composed of underlying ETFs, individual securities, alternative assets, and other mutual funds, the RetireRight Strategies TM use a disciplined and forward-looking investment strategy to build risk-based portfolios and account for potentially devastating market downturns. We believe in being opportunistic, but we also believe balance is key. Learn More.

Wealth Management

Utilizing a state-of-the-art wealth-tech platform, our partner, FamilyWealthTM, has developed an incredible digital service model to help automate processes for our advisors, allowing them to provide what we believe is unparalleled client support, no matter the portfolio size. At Libertas, we truly are a digital advisory practice with a human touch. Whether you are rolling over an existing 401(k) or looking for a place to manage a family inheritance, Libertas Financial Advisors can create a comprehensive wealth management portfolio with the goal of producing steady returns for years to come.

Corporate Retirement

Our corporate plan consulting practice is designed to help you create a true benefit for your employees while also getting all of the tax benefits as the employer sponsoring the plans. In addition to working with individuals and families, we have a lengthy history of working with businesses of all sizes. We can provide both 3(21) co-fiduciary and 3(38) investment management services, and our team will work with you to ensure the investment needs of your plan are being met while also putting into place processes and procedures to assist in meeting your fiduciary requirements.

Financial Planning

Don’t leave your retirement to chance. Creating a financial plan takes into account bumps along the way created by market volatility, and we can help you build a strategy designed to withstand downturns while still achieving opportunistic growth. With a solid financial plan as your map, the road to retirement can be smoother and allow you to see your goals come to fruition. Let us help you navigate the road ahead with confidence and peace of mind.

Tax-Free Retirement Plans

If you were a farmer, would it make more sense to pay tax on the seed or the harvest? The answer is obvious: the seed. That is exactly what we can help you do regarding planning for your retirement. Taking after-tax dollars and putting them in a vehicle that safely grows your money tax-free is a wise way to create cashflow for your future and leave a legacy when you’re gone. It can also give you a better idea of your income as you continue to age.

Risk & Allocation

Libertas Financial Advisors deploys risk budgeting in an attempt to address the shortcomings of traditional asset allocation portfolios. Our managers are not restricted to investing in the U.S. markets, in specified market caps or in traditional asset classes. This provides the option and the flexibility to invest in any market anywhere in the world. This strategy of global diversification is unlike that of virtually any of the investment models in the market.

We look forward to serving your family for generations.